Price Lists

Deer Stalking Fees

Our stalks last approximately 3 hours. For a single stalk it cost £90.00 for multiple stalking, whether this is one straight after the other or on different days, it costs £78.00 each. Cull and carcass fees are on top. Estate rifle hire, ammunition and range time are all included if needed. Please see our Terms & Conditions.



Single Stalk: £90.00

Multiple Stalks: £78.00


Muntjac Cull (under 3cm): £48.00 each

Muntjac Buck (3cm+): £48+ £30 per cm per animal

Roe Cull: £65.00 each

Roe Buck (4 points): £130.00 per animal

Roe Buck (5-6 points): £175.00+ per animal

Chinese Water Deer Cull: £200.00 each

Chinese Water Deer Bronze: £400.00 each

Chinese Water Deer Silver: £600.00 each

Chinese Water Deer Gold: £800.00+ each

Fallow Cull: £98.00 each

Fallow Rep Head: £500.00+

Fallow Trophies: P.O.A

Red Cull (first year heads and hinds): £120 each

Red Wild: £150.00-£200.00 per point

Red Park: £200.00 per point